Zircar Containment Molds
for Pattern Bars

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These molds are available from Zircar Refractory Composites Inc.: www.zrci.com and are made from RS-101 high strength ceramic fiber reinforced alumina composites which exhibit superior performance www.zrci.com/rs101.htm. Other products of interest to artists may be found at www.zrci.com/lproducts.htm.

The people at Zircar are very helpful to glass artists, creating very unique products that help us to simplify our glass casting. Contact Zircar at sales@zrci.com for more information.

When ordering, you must ask for the design to be polished on the inside though, and you also must always prime after every use. They come in 18" lengths and you design the shape. Then they cut into heights of 1" or 2" or 1-1/2 " . The smaller the height the more you get out of the 18" piece. The initial expense is high but if you go in with a group and order , in 1" tall pieces, you should get quite a few.

This product is still fragile if not handled carefully and will chip, so take care with these and they should last MANY firings. You MUST prime each time though. And I suggest to pre-fire them and then prime.



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