This piece is a collaboration between Melanie, Leslie, Megan. The kiln casting is Leslie, the Hanging beaded wirlygig is Megan with Melanie's lampworked beads
This is a detail shot of the bottom bead hanging off the whirlygig, attached to the kiln cast piece, it is lampworked with silver and gold foils and pressed into my lost wax mold that I sculpted.
This is a detail shot of the image above. It shows the detail in the glass casting and beaded whirlygig
Lampworked face beads and then Megan made the beadworked ropes to create the necklace
This piece is Kiln Cast Uoroboros Glass, Amber 26in. by 15in. with lampworked face beads and fused discs
Life size TEESHI HEADS. The clear one was hot poured into Zircar Mold Mix 6 Mold. The amber one was Kiln Cast, using Uroboros straw coloured billets, which give it an inner glow
Article for the Flow, Special Edition
Commemorating Women in Glass
By Melanie Rowe

Title: 3 Sisters Collaboration

My name is Melanie Rowe and I am one of 3 sisters. My twin sister, Leslie Rowe-Israelson, and I have been exploring and creating in glass for almost 30 years. I am proud to introduce our older sister Megan Parks to our journey. Megan has just retired from a job that, well, let's just say that she is now free to create.

Our journey in glass began in the early 1970s while living in the Canadian Rockies. For about 10 years, Leslie and I juggled our time between skiing and stained glass, constantly being stimulated by our surroundings. In the mid-eighties we began to add more 3-dimensional elements into our stained glass art, thus, the kiln-formed glass adventure began. We were living in Jasper National Park at that time and our Studio was an old ice plant (turned warm) in the industrial area of town. At that time, there were no schools in Canada that were offering courses in kiln-formed glass, so we ventured down to Camp Colton (a warm glass school) in Oregon USA. We also attended Pilchuck Glass School, which is a magical, international glass school on the top of a mountain in Washington State, USA. It changed our lives and the way we interoperate our art. For the next ten years we would return to Pilchuck as Students, then TA's, and then as Instructors in Mold Making for Kiln Forming Glass. We are returning the gift of knowledge that we received for so many years.

Our glass art and knowledge in the medium has led us to travel to many wonderful places in the world and enabled us to either work beside renowned artists or even teach them. A few places that come to mind are: the Czech Republic (an International Invitational Glass Symposium); Haynes Alaska(teaching mold making); Corning New York (presenters at the Warm Glass Conference); Pilchuck Glass School (2004 working with the Hauberg Fellowship); and 2005 Artists in Residence Pilchuck. We will be speakers at the Canadian Glass Conference in May 2006.

Yes, we are extremely busy trying to juggle our full calendars and having time to create our work, but I would not trade this blessed life for anything. Returning to the "passion of my life", Glass, sculpting and moldmaking, and I am now LAMPWORKING. I am loving combining the flame into my sculptural work. I have gone from 100 lb. sculptures in glass to a sculptural piece that fits into the palm of my hand. WOW, I'm having a ball! Leslie and Megan and I are all collaborating together now and I am thrilled with our "New Journey" together, that will take us to.... well, creativity and time will only tell.

Thank-you from the 3 sisters

Melanie Rowe
Leslie Rowe-Israelson
Megan Parks


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