Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance
The work of
Leslie Rowe-Israelson

Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance
Major Projects Grant #6 2009/2010

I have been so fortunate to have been awarded a Major Projects Grant #6 from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance .

For years I have been trying to use the surface of the glass I have created: the reflective light. But now I have the desire to dig deeper, to take the skin off, to slice through the colours, to expose the movement inside. (Like the ripples on a lake in a windstorm) The diversity of the ecosystem, so fragile, but rejuvinating, the richness of greens, blues, yellow, all moving as one, creating vibrant settings in nature, can be interpreted in the glass if you creative spirit can make it happen.

The wetlands series "Romancing Mountian Landscapes" is my interpretation, my celebration of the movement from within, the struggle to survive, and the beauty that surrounds our lives. The Wetlands is an integral part of our ecosystem. Fragile; yet full of vibrant colour and life. Diverse in it's animal and plant life and a necessary part of our survival as a planet. From an environmental perspective; it is an abundance of inspiration.

This is my inspiration ! and the glass in my interpretation.      

Uroboros Residency for Grant:
Romancing Mountain Landscapes
Columbia Valley Columbia Valley
Columbia Valley Detail Columbia Valley
Rocky Mountains / Columbia Valleys Rocky Mountains /
Columbia Valleys
Wetlands Wetlands
Winds of the Columbia Valley Winds of the Columbia Valley
Golden Mountain Skyline Golden Mountain Skyline
Lake Windermere Lake Windermere
Romanacing Mountain Landscapes Romancing Mountain Landscapes
Springtime in the Rockies Springtime In The Rockies
Columbia Valley Flowers and Lakes
Columbia Lake

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