Fishchicks Revisited:
"The Long Journey Home"

by Leslie Rowe-Israelson
and Melanie Rowe

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Fish Chicks Residency at Uroboros Glass Comp. April 2008.

This residency was a continuation of a get-together that Patty Gray organized
in 2006 called the Fish Chicks, and I felt it so important to finish what all 6 of us
began. (Patty Gray, Melanie Rowe, Becky Bergsma, Amanda McBride and Sandra Tomey)
It was a wonderful sharing of ideas and creating fish of all shapes and sizes and
then going back to our own studios to finish the pieces.
Firing Schedule:

50 degrees per hour to 250 F - hold 12 hours
40 degrees per hour to 300 F - hold 5 hours
50 degrees per hour to 1220 F. hold 4 hours
200 degrees per hour to 1480 - hold 4 hours
200 degrees per hour to 1180 - hold 4 hours
250 degrees per hour to 950 - anneal 24 hours
1 degree per hour from 950 to 760
2 degree per hour from 760 to 660
5 degree per hour from 660 to 70
Total - 24 Days

1010766.jpg 193.8K
Creation of large waxs

1010769.jpg 182.5K
Attaching feet to the wax so the glass will stand well

1010785.jpg 194.1K
Large wax of fish with more detail and stones

1010786.jpg 187.3K
Building clay dam so the mold material will be 1 inch thickness all the way around

Using a flat board that I have sprayed with Universal Spray release gives a nice bottom to the mold

1010788.jpg 164.4K
#1 Pottery Plaster/Silica Mold with Uroboros Glass Mix on the outer layer for strength for the large mold

1010790.jpg 163.7K

1010791.jpg 163.0K
When working with such a large mold it is important to cushion the mold on foam (I used children's floatation pieces as the foam is thick and does not melt while steaming out, and the foam application is duck taped to strong boards to be able to move the large mold around. It is placed over a stainless steel sink that I found at the dump that catchs the wax and water so you can re-constitute the wax.

1010792.jpg 162.0K

1010793.jpg 163.3K
Steam out of wax on homemade set-up for this large piece.

1010794.jpg 179.4K
Wax Steamed out of mold and clean up will begin so no wax is left

1010795.jpg 172.4K

1010799.jpg 252.5K
Down at Uroboros Glass Comp. in large Euclid Kiln I am placing the frit

1010800.jpg 110.7K
Placing more frit for colour placement

1010802.jpg 157.7K
More glass and billets to fill up mold

1010803.jpg 191.3K

1010560-1.jpg 147.7K
Lorna is looking into molds before the lid goes down

1010563.jpg 108.9K
Molds in kiln with glass melted

1010564.jpg 147.1K
Jason (Uroboros Artist Assistant) and I demolding. He is a wonderful young man

1010598.jpg 177.6K

1010599.jpg 189.5K
Photo of the large fish sculpture but still needs to be washed better

1010600.jpg 218.8K
Close-up of fish, and the glass flowed nicely

1010604.jpg 217.1K

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